VoiceMail eXtreme

Welcome to VMX.

VMX is an VoiceMail application written specifically for Asterisk Realtime.
At this moment only basic functionality is written, I welcome any help you can offer.
You can reach me by email on boerg@gertjandeboer.nl
For more information about me surf to www.gertjandeboer.nl (in Dutch)

Project Information:

VoiceMail eXtreme is a voicemail application intended for use with Asterisk PBX. VoiceMail eXtreme uses the Asterisk Realtime extension. This means that all Asterisk data is stored in a MySQL database. This database is then used by VoiceMail eXtreme to read and authenticate user data. VoiceMail is stored by Asterisk in the /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail directory. All data about a VoiceMail is stored in a .txt file in ini format by Asterisk. VoiceMail eXtreme is completely modular and scalable. All operations are done by php functions and every setting is declared in conf.inc.php.
At this moment version 0.1 is released.
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